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Independent Dutch Cement Industry

Strong Roots

About Us

Independent Dutch Cement Industry is the independent and flexible source for the EU cement products market.

Its founders have over 40 years in the cement-trade-transport, creating a new powerhouse for cement products in Europe and Africa.

IDCI meets product demand, and covers trading, finance, transport with a network reaching to the Southern tip of Africa.


Years of Experience




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Our Vision


Be an independent supplier of quality cement products, as a more flexible alternative to the larger players in the market. Quality and reliability are key in our business philosophy. Our sourcing network routes deep into Africa with local representation, in order to offer the most competitive service for our clients.

Our network is all over the world.

Where we are based


From its Groningen and Rotterdam offices in the Netherlands, IDCI handles a wide range of high quality cement products, and the connected logistics too. Local representation in Congo and Senegal ensure quality sourcing of product.



By sourcing efficiently in contract form and in larger quantities, and execution the logistics of the cargo, IDCI covers the entire project for the client. With final delivery of the product in bulk ashore into the terminal, or inland waterway barging. Fully adapted to the customers needs.


Sourcing Efficiently


Efficient Logistics


Project Coverage

Product Range

  • Clinker
  • Gypsum
  • Bagged OPC
  • GBFS
  • Pozzolan
  • Lime Stone
  • Silica Fumes and other produts as required.

Maritime Transport

With a seasoned shipping company in our partnership for the transport of IDCI products, the entire sea-transport is arranged and operated in-house. The fleet comprises self-owned ships and chartered-in ships that trade on the Africa coast year-round.

IDCI cement trading

Active with a primary focus on sourcing in Africa and distribution to Europe. IDCI is open to trade on other areas as well.

With Cement projects as our core, IDCI builds on over 40 years of project experience in cement. Combined with transport expertise in dry bulk and a fleet of ships on the African continent, IDCI combines these assets to deliver performance.

Shipping Contacts

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Rijksstraatweg 361a

9752CH, Haren Gn

The Netherlands